About Creative Cake Toppers by Sally Mae

After over 20 years of of baking and decorating cakes as Creative Cakes by Sally Mae, I am now starting a new creative venture and focusing on the fun and artistic side of creating custom cake decorations and toppers. I could see a gap in the market for this as so many of you like to bake your own cakes but may just need a special decoration, plaque or topper to pop on top of your own baked goods. This is a really exciting change for me as I can now put all my focus and passion into the artistic side of custom made Toppers and Decorations.

Take a look in the Gallery at the many different ideas for all your special occasions you like to celebrate. If you can’t find a topper to suit your party theme , just send me through your ideas of what you would like and the date you need it by and we can custom make one up for you in to suit your requirements. Ordering well in advance of your event is advisable as sometimes I get really busy with orders. Most of the decorations are made from fondant, gumpaste and food colouring so they need a few days to firm up and set. Also some toppers may have a toy or special decoration made from resin, plastic, acrylic or other material, some have pop up cardboard decorations .

Toppers made of acrylic may need to be ordered in if there is none in stock. All decorations are fragile so need to be handled with care. Fondant decorations will keep for a very long time if you store them in a dry area , away from sun and not in a fridge. Love to hear from you with all your ideas on toppers you may like to be created.

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