Birthday & Celebration Toppers

Creative Cake Toppers by Sally Mae, Christchurch NZ

Birthday & Celebration Toppers custom made to your requirements. Some toppers may also be set designs.

These are a great idea if you are baking your own cake and just need a decoration to pop on top of your cake. Cake done! and you will still wow all your guests. Custom made cake toppers and decorations can be created by order.These are made from fondant and gumpaste.

Also cake toppers that have a special toy or ornament on that you can keep. A scene will be created from icing or pop up decorations and added to this special ornament or toy to create a fantastic scene. You can just pop the whole scene on top of your own cake and you are ready to go, Cake conquered.

Let me know what theme you require and I will have fun creating your personalised scene.

Beautiful icing flowers can be custom made to your requirements. View a glimpse of flowers I create in the Gallery under Icing Flowers & Decorations. Or you are welcome to send me your own ideas and I can give you a quote on the flowers, leaves or sprays you like.

Acrylic Monogram and also resin cake toppers are available and I will be adding more products frequently to keep up with the changing trends. You can view these in the Gallery under Monogram & Silhouette Toppers.


Also check out Monogram & Silhouette Toppers in the Gallery for more great ideas for Birthday & Celebration Cake Toppers.