Wedding Cake Toppers
Creative Cake Toppers by Sally Mae, Christchurch NZ

Custom made Wedding cake toppers created to your requirements.

Cartoon bride and grooms,children or animals are really popular and it is fun to dress the icing people up in similar outfits to what you are wearing on your wedding day. Hair styles and colours to reflect your own. Your special family pet cat, dog, bird, bunny, horse, cow, can be created from fondant icing to add some fun to the cake.

Also popular are icing love hearts, shells, flowers words and pop up colourful cardboard decorations to create a special scene on top of your cake. Beautiful icing flowers in many different colours and styles can be custom created to requirements. You can view some samples of icing flowers in the Gallery under Icing Flowers and Decorations. Or send me your ideas on what you would like to be created.

Acrylic Monogram toppers and also resin toppers are available and I will be adding new products frequently to keep up with what is trending. You can view some samples of these in the Gallery under Monogram & Silhouette Toppers. You are welcome to send your ideas on what Monogram wording, or designs you may like and I will do my best to see if something similar can be made up or tracked down on the internet. Also check out Monogram & Silhouette Toppers in the Gallery for more great ideas for Wedding Cake Toppers.