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April Specials 2018

unicorn-cakeUnicorn Cake

Unicorn cake made with a cream colour butter cream icing .The decorations can be in colour’s of your choice.

7 inch cake to serve 15 guests .
Usually $75.00 Slashed Down to $70.00.

Or larger size 8 inch to serve 20 guests.
Usually $95.00 Slashed Down to $90.00.

For Unicorn cake choose from   Chocolate, madeira , vanilla or banana.


drizzle-cakeDrizzle Cake

7 inch serves about 15 guests
Usually 90.00 SLASHED DOWN to $85.00.

Or 8 inch serves about 20 guests
Usually $110.00 SLASHED DOWN to $105.00.

Flavours to choose from Chocolate , vanilla, madeira or banana.

Or if wanting a premium flavour mud cake, chocolate mud, white chocolate mud or caramel mud, these mud cakes are $20.00 more in cost.


Stucco-Cake23 Tier Fresh Flower Stucco Cake

This cake has fresh roses in a colour of your choice.
The middle cake is very deep for a trendy look.

5+7+10 inch serves 55 to 60 guests.
Usually $260.00 Slashed Down to $250.00.

Or larger size 6+8+11 serves 75 to 80 guests.
Usually $310.00 slashed down to $300.00


Semi-Naked-Cake22 tier Semi Naked Cake

Fresh seasonal flowers for the top tier in a colour theme of your choice.
These are both very deep cakes for a trendy effect.

6+9 inch serves 35 to 40 guests.
Usually $240.00 Slashed Down  to $230.00. 

Or larger size 7+9 inch serves 45 to 50 guests to serve 45 to 50 guests.
Usually $270.00  Slashed Down to  $260.00.

These prices are for orders placed in the month of April. Your cake order can be created for later in the year, for when you need it. You must place the order in April to get the discount special.